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BNF has established itself as one of the largest ISO tank fleets leasing for T50 & T75 in Asia providing distribution and logistic solutions for liquified gases and cryogenic gases to 3 continents. BNF owns and conducts in-house maintenance/repairs on a fleet of more than 350 Cryogenic ISO Tanks and we provide repair & maintenance works for cryogenic storage tanks and ISO Tanks as well as re-certification services for ISO tanks at our depots in Singapore & Malaysia. 


The LNG Global Test designed to evaluate the integrity of the primary and secondary barriers of membrane containment systems of LNG Tankers to detect leaks in the inner tank, outer tank or the membrane (between the inner and outer tanks). It does NOT PINPOINT the location of the leaks. These have to be manually detected using Helium leak detectors and Acoustic testing. There are 2 types of Membrane tanks on the LNG/C tankers – NO 96 and Mark III systems.

The test is carried out, in accordance to Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT) procedures and approved, to check on the operational status of the membrane containment systems.

BNF is amongst the few companies certified by Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT) to render LNG Global Test for GTT’s membrane containment systems.

Acoustic Emission Testing

Acoustic Emission Testing is a type of non-destructive testing method to locate any structural defects such as cracks, corrosion or deformities in the secondary membrane system, by analyzing the sound wave signals caused by the defects and discontinuities in material and structure. Information such as the origin of the defects can be collected by analyzing these signals.

 Vacuum Box Testing

Non destructive testing to check for any weld seam leaksVacuum Box Test is used to check for any weld seam leaks. This is accomplished by applying bubble leak solution to the welded area, creating a differential pressure across the weld using a vacuum box and pump. Any bubbles formation indicates where the leakage is.

BNF is the Master Distributor of Catalina Cylinders in the Asia Pacific Region and we supply all types of high and low pressure aluminium compressed gas cylinders for uses in industries including Medical, Beverage and Specialty Gas.

BNF provides a complete solution to enable end-users to consume LNG through our complete and efficient regasification system.

We provide purging services that offer a quick, cost effective way to safely and accurately meet your Plant and Pipeline service needs. Nitrogen purging can be employed during the commissioning of a process plant, during start up, turnarounds or shutdown, testing, pigging and drying existing and new pipelines.  Displacement and dilution are the two most common forms of purging. The configuration and design of the plant determines which method is most efficient. 

BNF can coordinate and oversee all of the works including:

Site safety and operational assessment

Delivery of all required equipment and materials including gas

Personnel to plan, coordinate and execute project turnaround


BNF has established itself as one of the major suppliers for refrigerant gases supplying to more than 70 countries in various packaging with a BNF Brand. We have more than 60 distribution alliance partners in worldwide and have access to more than 50 countries such as Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America, South America, Europe and Africa Continent. The range of refrigerant gases includes, but not limited to:


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