Below are some of the gases we provide via our fleet of ISO Tanks. If you can’t find what you need, please feel free to contact us!

Liquid Oxygen (LOX)

Oxygen is a colourless, odourless reactive gas and the life-sustaining component of air. It forms approximately 21% of the earth’s atmosphere. In addition to its use as a respiratory gas for healthcare applications, oxygen has strong oxidizing properties that can benefit many industries by improving yields, optimizing performance, lowering costs and reducing carbon footprint compared to other fuels. Oxygen enrichment or replacement of air also enhances chemical and biological process efficiency.

Applications using oxygen include combustion, oxidation, fermentation, wastewater treatment and aquaculture. Combined with acetylene (C₂H₂) or other fuel gases or with argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO₂), oxygen is also used for metal cutting, welding, scarfing, hardening, cleaning, and melting applications.

BNF offers liquid oxygen around the world thanks to our vast network of supply.



  • Aeration for wastewater treatment
  • Enhance combustion for a variety of heating and melting applications
  • Optimizing fermentation process
  • Medical oxygen
  • Welding

Industries Served

  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics
  • Metals
  • Glass