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N2 Purging

In its gaseous form, nitrogen displays inert properties. BNF provides a wide range nitrogen services for vessels, cargo tanks, pipelines, plants & terminals and offshore. Our team of experienced engineers are geared with compatible equipment to provide a suite of nitrogen services to tailor for your need.

When purging, nitrogen displaces air and therefore, reduces or eliminates the oxidation of materials.

Inerting is a process that uses nitrogen gas to limit the amount of oxygen from forming an otherwise volatile mixture. An application is designed to use the inerting process to eliminate the oxygen content and keep the interted area explosion-proof.

Nitrogen blanketing is the process of supplying the N2 gas to the vapor space of a container to control its composition. It provides improved process safety and better product quality along with a longer equipment life cycle.

Industries served



  • Freezing and transporting of food products
  • Cryopreservation of genetic/biological materials
  • Coolant for superconductors and other equipment
  • Cryotherapy in dermal applications
  • Shielding of materials from oxygen exposure
  • Quick freezing of pipes